Walls should be updated in the sequence that your enemy get attacked, usually outside towards interior. This also clarifies why your walls that are greatest should not be in the middle of your foundation. (Study The Pocketed Foundation; should youn’t get the reason by pockets) as well as outdoor corners (due).

Lastly update walls that are not unlikely to be assaulted by giants pursuing your defenses – specifically the walls only outside of the defenses. I’m not stating you should not update your walls all, only you need to focus in this sequence on themselves http://cocgemsfree.com .
Do not distribute the enemy out at random, that only squanders money. Do not put the enemy in a pattern that is predictable – If a foundation is being attacked by me and hit two snares close to one another, I’ll deploy singleton troopswhere additional snares would be expected by me to be simply to clear out them. Or a spring snare on an individual archer because you put them equally on 1 side of your foundation?